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LIBRARY | Entering the souls of the masters MARKETING| Understanding the markets SKILL | The importance of touch DESIGN | The Pininfarina touch PORTRAIT| Sebastien Perret : backstage designer ANNIVERSARY | Girard-Perregaux,...

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Crisis, icons and the carpet

What’s the watch industry talking about these days ? Apart from the weather, one subject that is inevitably raised is the current crisis. Ask, “How’s business ?” and watch the smiles fade. “It’s OK with us, but things are...

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Entering the souls of the masters

It’s a story of love and friendship : since Gutenberg, many have shared their love of books, old documents and writing in all its forms. And even before Gutenberg, manuscripts were regarded with the same fervour. It is not by...

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Understanding the markets

Let us imagine a cardiovascular therapy that is unable to prevent heart disease, not much good at healing the afflicted organ, yet excellent when it comes to autopsies. Admittedly such a therapy would be ridiculous, unless one...

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The importance of touch

Touch, the first sense developed by a foetus after just six weeks in the womb, plays a central although often under-estimated role in appreciating the beauty and value of a watch. This has however not always been so. Some will...

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Sébastien Perret: backstage designer

Like fashion or architecture, watchmaking produces its own celebrity artists. But contrary to the better-known headline acts, some designers stay in the background and opt for discretion. The Etude de Style practice based in...

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The Pininfarina touch

The watch industry has always enjoyed a variety of close ties with the car industry, notably by timing races and supplying dashboard clocks. The interaction has been further heightened by the flurry of watch labels plastered on...

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